Inca (SEAT) (1996-2003) [EUROPA] Parts catalog

SEAT Inca (1996-2003) – EUROPA

Technical Aspects of SEAT Inca (IN)

The SEAT Inca, produced between 1996 and 2003, is a compact light commercial vehicle popular in the EUROPA market. Known for its reliability and practical design, the Inca is especially favored for small business use and urban deliveries.

This vehicle, under the code model IN, serves as a practical and efficient option in its segment. The SEAT Inca shares its design platform with other Volkswagen Group vehicles, allowing for a flexible range of engines and mechanical parts. The model is available in various body types, including a faux-wheel drive option and a comfortable, spacious cabin that ensures optimal driver comfort during long working hours.

Engine and Transmission Options

The Inca's engine range offers a balance between fuel efficiency and power, making it an ideal vehicle for urban deliveries and short to medium haul operations. The diesel variant, particularly the 1.9L engine, is specifically appreciated for its fuel economy and robust power output, while the petrol variant offers smoother performance and lower emissions.

Notable Features

The interior is designed to provide maximum utility and comfort. The spacious cargo area combined with user-friendly storage solutions makes the Inca highly functional for commercial purposes. The ABS braking system and airbags enhance safety, which is critical for commercial vehicles that see extensive daily use. Additionally, features like power steering and central locking ensure that driving remains comfortable and secure, even during long hours of operation.

Original Car Parts and Their Replacements

When it comes to maintaining the SEAT Inca, access to a wide range of original spare parts is crucial. Our comprehensive catalog of original SEAT parts makes it easier to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. The catalog is meticulously designed to include all essential components, ensuring that your maintenance and repair needs are met efficiently.

How to Find the Right Parts

You can enter the catalog and search for specific parts using:

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Categories of Available Parts

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