Arosa (SEAT) (1997-2004) [EUROPA] Parts catalog


SEAT Arosa (1997-2004) AR Model: Technical Specifications and Genuine Spare Parts Catalogue

The SEAT Arosa, produced between 1997 and 2004, is a well-regarded compact car model, known for its efficiency and reliability in the European market. With the model code AR, the Arosa became a popular choice for urban commuters looking for practicality and a pleasant driving experience. This page aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the SEAT Arosa’s technical specifications and a detailed catalogue of genuine spare parts and their alternatives.

Technical Specifications of SEAT Arosa

The SEAT Arosa was built on the Volkswagen Group A00 platform, sharing many components with the VW Lupo. This compact vehicle offered a range of engine options, delivering a balance of performance and fuel economy. Below are the key technical specifications:

Whether you own a SEAT Arosa for its city-friendly size or its dependable performance, maintaining your vehicle with genuine spare parts is crucial for its longevity and reliability.

Genuine SEAT Arosa Spare Parts Catalogue

Our catalogue of original SEAT Arosa parts ensures that your vehicle performs at its best. The inventory includes all the necessary components to keep your Arosa in prime condition. By using either the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or specific parameters of your car, you can accurately find the required parts.

Accessing the Catalogue

To explore the extensive range of genuine spare parts for the SEAT Arosa, you can access the catalogue in two ways:

Catalogue Categories

Our comprehensive catalogue is organized into categories, making it easy to navigate and find the parts you need. Here are some of the primary categories:

1. Engine Components

Maintain the heart of your SEAT Arosa with top-quality engine components. This category includes:

2. Transmission and Clutch

Ensure smooth gear transitions with genuine transmission and clutch parts:

3. Brake System

Your safety is paramount. Keep your braking system in top condition with:

4. Suspension and Steering

Experience a smooth and controlled ride with premium suspension and steering parts:

5. Electrical Components

Maintain the electrical integrity of your SEAT Arosa with quality parts:

6. Cooling System

Prevent overheating with reliable cooling system components:

7. Body and Interior

Preserve the aesthetic and comfort of your Arosa with quality body and interior parts:

Genuine Parts vs. Manufacturer Alternatives

While genuine SEAT parts are preferred for their guaranteed fit and performance, alternative parts from reputable manufacturers can be a cost-effective option without compromising quality. Our catalogue includes both genuine and high-quality alternative parts, offering you flexibility in maintaining your vehicle.


Keeping your SEAT Arosa running smoothly and efficiently is easy with our extensive catalogue of genuine and alternative spare parts. Whether you access the catalogue via VIN or model parameters, you can find precisely what you need to maintain your vehicle's performance and safety. Invest in the longevity and reliability of your SEAT Arosa with top-quality parts from our comprehensive catalogue.

Explore our catalogue today and ensure your SEAT Arosa remains a reliable and efficient companion on the road.